The once daunting task of identifying pills is now made quick and easy. PolicePal will provide officers with the identity of a pill, as well as, cross-reference the active ingredient through the Texas Health and Safety Code and DEA Schedules. In a matter of seconds, officers in the field can have all the information needed to determine if an arrest needs to be made.

In addition to assisting officers with drug arrests, PolicePal can be quite useful in any police situation. A searchable database of Texas laws can assist when reference is needed quickly. Below are the most commonly used codes that are included in the app:

  • Penal Code
  • Transportation Code
  • Health & Safety Code
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Family Code
  • Alcohol Beverage Code
  • Health & Safety Code

We haven't mentioned the best part. Each officer can customize their own app through the ability to save favorite laws or commonly found pills.

Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhones, running iOS 4.0 or later with access to at least 3G or Wifi to download periodic updates.

The Story of PolicePal

According to the National Police Misconduct Project, in 2010 a total of 4,861 cases of police misconduct were filed in the United States. Among the complaints, 330 stemmed from false arrests made by the police. Its perfectly clear society expects police officers to know and apply the law appropriately. Just as important, Officers need to conduct their duties responsibly so they, as well as their families, are protected from civil liability.

Officers work in conditions that often call for an arrest to be made quickly when conditions are not always adequate for research. No one understands this better than the founders of Police Pal, a pill identification app built by Texas Peace Officers. Police Pal was developed specifically to assist Texas Law Enforcement in identifying pills and associated Texas charges.

* Price Disclaimer:
The 2011-2012 Texas Law book is available for purchase online for $36. Legacy Data Development sought out to combine that book with an integrated pill identifier working in unison. While developing PolicePal, the founders wanted to make sure it would be available for Texas Law Enforcement an affordable price. PolicePal, a yearly subscription service, is available for $9.99. User subscriptions end 365 days after the date of purchase. Full access to app features is standard with purchase. Take advantage of the most comprehensive information tool for Texas Peace Officers today.

PolicePal is capable of identifying prescription and over-the-counter drugs while simultaneously cross-referencing them through state and federal laws. In addition, PolicePal contains a comprehensive listing of Texas laws – among other helpful tools.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as, search instructions on how to identify pills by their imprint.

How will PolicePal help me identify pills and criminal charges?

When pills are encountered on the street it can be difficult to determine if the drugs are controlled, require a prescription or are over-the-counter. PolicePal can instantly identify the pill by its imprint. Information that will be provided is: the brand name, active ingredient, description, DEA control status and picture. In addition, PolicePal will provide any associated Texas penalties for illegally possessing the drug.


A white unidentified pill is located with "M360" imprinted on one side. Simply enter the imprint in PolicePal and the information below will be provided along with a picture of the drug. After it is confirmed the drug has been identified correctly, weights can be imputed to determine the proper charge level.

  • Imprint:
  • Ingredient:
      Acetaminophen 750 mg, Hydrocodone Bitartrate 7.5 mg
  • Appearance:
    White oblong tablet
  • Brand name:
  • Control status:
      DEA Schedule III
  • Recommended Texas charge:
      Texas Health and Safety Code 481.117
    Possession of a Substance Listed in Penalty Group 3
  • Enter weight in grams for charge level: ___
    Hypothetically, if the total weight of the listed drug is 24 grams, then PolicePal will provide the following:
  • Recommended Charge Level:
    Class A Misdemeanor

To reassure that suspects are being arresting for the proper charge, users will be able to view our references. The recommended charges and charge levels also act as buttons or links. Users can click on the charges to read the full statues for themselves.

How reliable is the pharmaceutical information?

PolicePal utilizes a comprehensive database provided by Wolters Kluwer Health, a world leader in the healthcare industry. PolicePal offers access to nearly 20,000 National Drug Codes (NDC). Legacy Data Development, developer and parent company of PolicePal, ensures users will be provided with the most reliable and accurate information on today's market. This is accomplished with automatic updates whenever there are changes or new drugs introduced the market.

Will PolicePal work if I'm in an area with a bad network connection?

The developers know from their experience in police work that field conditions aren't always the best. That's why during development they made sure PolicePal functions for officers patrolling even the most rural areas. Connection to the network is only required at initial download and when updates are available*. Once PolicePal is purchased and downloaded, all necessary databases are compressed and included on the app. So whether your beat assignment is in the sticks or you're working in a bad rainstorm, PolicePal is always there when you need it most.

*Once PolicePal is downloaded, users will have to manually start the pill picture download. While it is possible to complete the download on a 3G network, it is recommended that users connect to a wifi network. This is due to the shear volume of data and time required to complete this process.

Do I have to connect my device to a computer to receive the required monthly updates?

No, if an update is available and you have a good 3G or wifi connection, it will be automatically pushed to your device. PolicePal must also be running on your device so our server can process the update. It is imperative for users to allow updates to be completed. This is to ensure PolicePal is providing the most up-to-date information possible.

How often are the Texas laws updated?

PolicePal only operates with the most up-to-date law database. Users will be provided with automatic updates after each legislative session.

How do I save a law for quick access? keyword

Laws can be easily saved for quick reference by selecting the keyword button, which allows users to type in a keyword or short phrase of their choice. The keyword will be saved specifically to that user's phone in multiple ways. Laws will be saved into a "My Keywords" section, which can be accessed from the main Law Menu. The keyword will also become active in search bar results as well.

Users should enter legitimate keywords for laws, as each, "Good Entry" will eventually become part of the system in an effort to provide better search bar results*.

*Note this action will only be applicable on the final statue screen. Chapters or Titles cannot be saved. A picture of the Keyword button is provided above.

Can I edit or delete any keywords previously saved?

Keywords can be deleted one at a time from within the "My Keywords" section. To enable a delete button for a law, simply swipe a finger across the right side of an already saved law. After the delete button appears, select it and your keyword will be removed. Editing the keyword is not possible. If changes are desired, users will need to delete and resave the law as they see fit.

Why am I not receiving any matches when I type in DWI or other laws into the search bar?

The search bar works well if you know the full statue title exactly as it is written in the law book or at least part of it. The search bar tool will populate results if your entry matches any keywords within the title or body of the law*.

*Note this is a situation where using the Keyword function would be helpful. Users can enter DWI into their keyword bank and then all subsequent searches by "DWI" will populate the Driving While Intoxicated statue.

How do I save a pill for quick access within the drug side? Add to favorite pills

Pills can be easily saved for quick reference by selecting the "Add to Favorite Pills" button. This will save each pill to that section so users can save commonly found drugs*.

*Note saved pills can be deleted from the Favorites section by swiping a finger across the right side of a saved pill. After a delete button appears, select delete and your pill will be removed.

Instructions on how to enter pill imprints

There are many different methods of entering pill imprints. It is important to point out that PolicePal, as well as other pill identifiers on the market, are structured specifically to each company's databases. We have provided examples below, which if followed, can maximize the success of each inquiry.

Example 1: This Ativan pill should be entered as:

Imprint Side 1: M Imprint Side 2: 321

Entries that will populate negative results for this pill are:
Imprint Side 1: M321 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: M/321 Imprint Side 2:

Pills that are imprinted with numbers or letters on both sides should be entered on two lines. Slashes or dashes should NEVER be used in lieu of using both entry fields.

Example 2: This Valium pill can be entered as:

Imprint Side 1: Valium Imprint Side 2: Roche
Imprint Side 1: 10 Valium Imprint Side 2: Roche

Entries that will populate negative results for this pill are:
Imprint Side 1: Valium 10 Imprint Side 2: Roche
Imprint Side 1: Valium 10 Roche Imprint Side 2:

Example 3: This Xanax pill should be entered as:

Imprint Side 1: Logo 0 3 9 Imprint Side 2:

Entries that will populate negative results for this pill are:
Imprint Side 1: Logo 039 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: R039 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: R 0 3 9 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: R/0/3/9 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: R-0-3-9 Imprint Side 2:

It is important to keep in mind that even though the imprint "R" looks like and "R", our database considers this to be a "Logo."

Because there are score lines that separate each imprinted character, it is ESSENTAL THAT A SPACE IS PLACED INBETWEEN EACH CHARACTER ENTERED.

*Note Imprints are not case sensitive. It does not affect the results if they are entered in all caps, all-lowercase or a mix of the two.

Example 4: This Valtrex pill should be entered as:

Imprint Side 1: F Imprint Side 2: 8 3

Entries that will populate negative results for this pill are:
Imprint Side 1: F Imprint Side 2: 83
Imprint Side 1: F 8 3 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: F / 8 3 Imprint Side 2:

It is still ESSENTAL THAT A SPACE IS PLACED INBETWEEN EACH CHARACTER ENTERED. Even though the score lines are small, they still need to be treated as full score lines.

Example 5: This Neurontin pill should be entered as:

Imprint Side 1: G Imprint Side 2: 5026

Entries that will populate negative results for this pill are:
Imprint Side 1: G 5026 Imprint Side 2:
Imprint Side 1: G/5026 Imprint Side 2:

All capsules are treated as having two sides. If the capsule were pulled apart, then the markings/imprints on each side would be entered using both entry fields. If only one half has a marking, then obviously only one entry field would be utilized. If there are markings on both sides, the system doesn't care which side is considered to be Side 1 vs. Side 2.

If you have additional questions that are not covered in this section, feel free to email us at info@legacydata.co.

Thank you for choosing PolicePal!

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